The Arctic Cluster of Raw Materials



Arctic Cluster of Raw Materials (ACRM) is established by Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), Greenland Employer’s Association (GA), and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). ACRM was originally accelerated and funded by the Danish Industry Foundation (IF).


ACRM is a platform for companies with interests, experience, and competences within the extractive industries.

ACRM’s main purpose is to strengthen the competitiveness in Greenland and Denmark in the industry and contribute to sustainable growth and employment in both countries. To obtain this goal, ACRM will build up and support business cooperation, industry network, and business concepts. Also, ACRM will provide technology and skill enhancement for Danish and Greenland companies in the Arctic extractive industries and infrastructure, especially in Greenland.


ACRM will work closely with strategic knowledge-exchange networks, academia, and industrial innovation processes.

The establishment of consortia within the extractive industries and support industries will secure both the level of competences in the market and prepare companies for the industry standards, contracts, certification, andother necessary requirements. This will be achieved through conferences, round table discussions, industry seminars, and workshops in Greenland etc.


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Member Requirements

Members of ACRM commit to share their knowledge and competences with other members to make sure that the industry cluster will be a visible platform which can promote Danish and Greenland companies on a high political and commercial level.

Members will get access to all cluster activities, including exhibitions in Canada and workshops in Greenland.